February 2016 Roster Talks featured the energetic Matt Hill

Matt Hill

I attended a few Roster Talks and found them inspiring and educational. Matt Hill was one particular class that stood out. Many other established voice actors were also in attendance and it was a real treat to be amongst so many talented people. I couldn’t soak up enough of the room that day! I have attended a few other classes and also quite enjoyed learning from the pros and other working actors. Thank you so much!  – Trent

MATT HILL led the February 2016 edition of Characters’ Voice Roster Talks. Known as one of Characters West’s most energetic clients, he did not disappoint at this event! Matt has likely run the most marathons of any client, along with being one of the longest running clients in our agency. (Did we mention he’s a long-distance runner?)

Matt shared a few in-studio and life stories from his over-30-year career in Vancouver and the US. He chatted about early beginnings, being smart with money, inspiring and creating yourself as your career moves forward, and re-inspiring and re-creating yourself when your career hits a wall.

Some of Matt’s inspiring messages are –

Bring a positive attitude to everything

Be yourself – everyone else is taken

Take it one step at a time

YOU have the power to choose who you’ll be every day of your career

Thanks, Matt for your enthusiasm and honesty, and thanks to all who shared the evening.

Learn more about Matt’s extra-voice projects at RunForOnePlanet.org

Characters’ Voice Roster Talks is an initiative to encourage community at a time when a great deal of voice casting is done by mp3/self-tape, and actors don’t bump into each other as often at auditions. It’s a chance for those who have been doing this for a long time to soak up the energy of those who are getting started… and an opportunity for those who are getting started to connect with each other and with this industry that’s at once all around them and just outside of their grasp.

The Talks encourage thought and discussion about the Big Picture in this industry. The Talks are a chance for Caroline and Annie to see, hear, and connect with their clients. The Talks aim to Educate, Motivate and Stimulate.