Kyle Rideout, from Most Promising VO Newcomer to regular series work

Kyle Rideout

Characters Voice Roster Talks feel like a gift, for which I am truly grateful. As Winnie the Pooh stated, “The things that made me different are the things that made me.” Thank you so very much Caroline and Annie.  – David

On June 29th at the Characters’ Voice Roster Talks, KYLE RIDEOUT shared his experiences of bursting onto the acting scene in Vancouver. Kyle began building his resume with stage performances and was named Most Promising Newcomer, with a 2005 Jessie Richardson Award for theatre. His portrayal of Hamlet for Langara’s Studio 58 programme opened the door at Bard on the Beach, where his theatre roots took firm hold and played a large role in propelling Kyle towards opportunities in animation.

Transitioning from stage and screen to voice-over, Kyle began with dubbing roles for Japanese animé series such as “Story of Saiunkoku”. At the same time, he applied himself diligently to pursuing pre-lay animation. Here he found more opportunity to ‘colour outside of the lines’ as an artist and build on his acting tool-kit by refining his approach for this new medium. When his first pre-lay pilot, “Packages from Planet X”, went to series, something clicked for Kyle – and he’s never looked back. With this newfound muscle in the studio, and experienced voice-actors to guide him on the nuances and techniques required to build a character with his voice, Kyle was on his way.

During the talk, he spoke about the value of those first studio experiences, and the importance of being proactive and persistent in pursuit of job opportunities. He highlighted that presenting a positive and confident attitude, even when you don’t fully feel them, does wonders in the room.

Kyle currently plays one of the lead cast on Wind Dancer’s “Ready Jet Go!” and Lego’s “Elves”, and has voiced the role of Vinnie on four seasons of Hasbro’s “Littlest Pet Shop”.

Thanks to all who shared the evening, and big thanks to Kyle for your honesty and encouragement in supporting those seeking a similar career path!

Characters’ Voice Roster Talks is an initiative to encourage community at a time when a great deal of voice casting is done by mp3/self-tape, and actors don’t bump into each other as often at auditions. It’s a chance for those who have been doing this for a long time to soak up the energy of those who are getting started… and an opportunity for those who are getting started to connect with each other and with this industry that’s at once all around them and just outside of their grasp.

The Talks encourage thought and discussion about the Big Picture in this industry. The Talks are a chance for Caroline and Annie to see, hear, and connect with their clients. The Talks aim to Educate, Motivate and Stimulate.