Nicole Oliver talks building your voice, and kids in the biz

Nicole Oliver

What I most appreciate about the Roster Talks is hearing the “business” side of things … taxes, studio equipment and so on. These tips have been very helpful and I look forward to hearing more, as the talks continue. Thanks Caroline!!  – Robert

The multi-talented NICOLE OLIVER is in high demand in the television, film, animation, corporate communications, advertising, and video game markets. On March 31st, she appeared in person at the Characters’ Voice Roster Talks to share her experience. Nicole talked about the various types of voice over (VO) work, what to do when you get that audition call, and how to develop your “base voice”, from which other sounds and characters can emerge.

Nicole’s emphasis on preparation, character exploration and follow-through were shared with her customary direct approach and good humour. Most importantly, her message that ‘to have achieved a call-back means a job well done,’ brought home to the emerging youth in the business, that while one does not always book the role, a call-back is something to be mighty proud of.

We included children from Characters’ on-camera and voice rosters at this event, and Nicole addressed them with important pointers that span all aspects of ‘the biz.’ She shared her process for adding voice work to her repertoire as an actress; and addressed the unique ways children can build VO careers, and what parents and guardians need to know to support them. Nicole’s expertise comes from her own professional experiences and from parenting/guiding two talented working sons.

It was great to share this event with so many families! Thanks to the parents and children who joined in – and thanks again, Nicole, for so generously sharing your wealth of experience.

Nicole Oliver has provided voice-over for over 100 companies and has performed for innumerable animation programs, including “Littlest Pet Shop”, “My Little Pony”, “Tom and Jerry” and the BARBIE™ franchise. Her film and TV credits include leads in MOWs, television shows and feature films for every major network in Canada and the United States.

Characters’ Voice Roster Talks is an initiative to encourage community at a time when a great deal of voice casting is done by mp3/self-tape, and actors don’t bump into each other as often at auditions. It’s a chance for those who have been doing this for a long time to soak up the energy of those who are getting started… and an opportunity for those who are getting started to connect with each other and with this industry that’s at once all around them and just outside of their grasp.

The Talks encourage thought and discussion about the Big Picture in this industry. The Talks are a chance for Caroline and Annie to see, hear, and connect with their clients. The Talks aim to Educate, Motivate and Stimulate.