Characters’ youth voices bring you, Casablanca

Casablanca illustrations by Maddy Peters

Andrew Campbell, Sara McIntyre and Mhari Rhiverson in studio

The Characters Voice Department and Sara McIntyre have teamed up to create a Special Youth Casablanca Project!

When one lover of stories cannot make the time to execute an idea, it is time to call in another. This spring, it occurred to us to let the world know about the unique and talented youth on the Characters’ Voice roster, with a bit of a ‘splash’ – we needed some assistance. With a background in film, casting, teaching, coaching, writing, directing and general good thinking… Sara McIntyre was the obvious choice.

During a brief brainstorming session, we settled on Sara’s idea to use the film story of “Casablanca”. With so many people displaced and moving from war and poverty torn countries to find new, safer homes, this story’s classic lines and critical acclaim struck us as one that will resonate tonally and also entertain, as brought back to life through the voices of children. Sara has carefully selected scenes from the film and cast them via over-the-telephone auditions with each young actor.

Every good story needs a stage, so we have created a Special Projects section to feature the overall project. Enjoy individual scenes artfully drawn by Maddy Peters, based on in-studio photos that were taken at KOKO Productions.

Big appreciation to all who participated!